For all cars and four wheel drives, BrakeWest has the disc rotors and brake components to suit your needs. We stock all the best brands, including Brembo, Gomaxx, Protex, TNF, Xtreme and Clutch Pro to ensure you always have the brake & Clutch components you need.

GOMAXX Disc Brake Pads

Gomaxx has been specialising in developing ever-improving brake pads and friction materials since its foundation in 2016. From the beginning, Gomaxx mission has been to bring the best and most reliable brake pads to Australian drivers, and at BrakeWest, that's what we do too. Whether you need performance pads, premium pads for your everyday vehicle, or even carbon fibre pads, BrakeWest has the Gomaxx disc brake pad to suit your needs.

Disc Rotors

Your brakes are crucial to the safety of your vehicle and its passengers, and that's why at BrakeWest, we stock and fit only the best brake components. Our disc rotors have been tried and tested, and are manufactured to OE standards by the world's best disc rotor manufacturers. Australian drivers demand disc rotors that offer consistent, reliable and superior performance, and at BrakeWest, that's what we deliver.

Brake Hoses

Getting a replacement brake hose can often be more trouble than it's worth - even if you know the exact specifications that you require, often you have to wait for your preferred supplier to get your hose delivered. Not so with BrakeWest. At BrakeWest, we're a BrakeQuip brake hose manufacturer. When you come to us asking for a new brake hose, we know exactly the specifications you require, and will manufacture and deliver your brake hose to you in a fraction of the time.