Brake Machining

Your brake discs and drums get damaged over time, and unless they've reached the minimum thickness allowed by manufacturer's specifications, it's often cheaper and more efficient to machine them instead of replacing them altogether. At BrakeWest, we machine all brake discs and brake drums onsite. Our brake lathe fits brake discs and drums from all vehicle makes and models, maximising the life of your brake components and ensuring the safety of your vehicle and its occupants.

Flywheel Grinding

Using your clutch generates heat and friction, which over time wears away at your flywheel as it absorbs and dissipates this heat. When you get your clutch repaired or replaced, grinding the flywheel smooth will ensure smooth clutch operation and prevent shuddering or additional heat damage. At BrakeWest we perform all clutch repairs and flywheel grinding in-house, for both flat and recessed flywheels.

Brake Hoses

Replacing your brake hoses can be costly and timely, as a lot of suppliers need to order your brake hose in specially. At BrakeWest, we're a BrakeQuip brake hose manufacturer, with access to a database of hundreds of thousands of brake hose specifications. If you need a new brake hose for your vehicle, we'll manufacture it to the manufacturer's exact specifications, more cheaply and quicker than most other suppliers.


At BrakeWest, we offer a full range of repair and reconditioning services for brakes of all makes and models. Whether you need your discs machined, flywheels grinded, or new components to upgrade your brakes from premium to performance, at BrakeWest we have the range and experience to cover it all.


Your brakes incorporate a complex system of mechanics and hydraulics. Your brake calipers and cylinders wear out just like the rest of your brakes, and when that happens, BrakeWest is here to remachine, remanufacture, and repair worn and malfunctioning brake hydraulics. We carry a full range of brake components for all makes and models, and have the knowledge and experience to recommend the component for your needs.